We believe that emerging markets are rich with opportunity for investors across a variety of asset classes and strategies. Gramercy’s specialized knowledge and experience in emerging markets positions our firm to successfully capitalize on these opportunities.

The complexity of emerging markets makes collaboration among investment professionals critical. We believe the interaction between Gramercy’s experienced team of investors enables a superior analysis and understanding of the various facets of a given opportunity.

The risks brought forth by investment opportunities can be mitigated through intensive risk management to address factors related to an individual investment and also an overall portfolio.

The entire investment process necessitates complete transparency so that the institutions and individuals who trust us with their capital can be certain we are fulfilling our obligation.

Our Principles

  • The integrity of the investment process is first and foremost.
  • Transparency and responsiveness are the foundations of client service.
  • In order to partner with our investors, we endeavor to find solutions that fit their needs and solve their problems.