Capital Solutions

Emerging Markets Capital Solutions / Private Credit – Seeks to provide growth capital to middle market EM corporates through secured private transactions. The strategy targets senior secured direct loans and mezzanine debt with three to five year final maturities in highly collateralized structures with significant downside protection.

The strategy has identified a sector of emerging markets economies, primarily composed of small and medium-sized enterprises that lack access to the capital markets and are not currently served by the banking industry. The strategy will seek to provide capital to the vacuum generated by (i) the reduced appetite from banks and other traditional lenders, (ii) limited understanding and financing coverage of emerging markets corporates, especially in the mid-market segment, and (iii) emerging markets corporate growth and opportunistic capital requirements not currently met by the market.

The experience of our Capital Solutions team along with Gramercy’s institutionalized nature provide for sophisticated and bespoke deal structures for the companies we target. Our proprietary research and emerging markets focus further enhance the strategy.