Long-Only Debt

Gramercy offers a full spectrum long-only Emerging Market Debt (“EMD”) platform with the unique capability of being able to provide complete EMD solutions through our Asset Allocation strategies. Gramercy’s EMD platform was launched in May 2010 when Jeffrey Grills and Gunter Heiland joined Gramercy. For over ten years, Mr. Grills and Mr. Heiland co-managed long-only sovereign EMD strategies at JP Morgan Asset Management. Mr. Grills and Mr. Heiland are joined by Robert Rauch who spent ten years overseeing corporate research at Gramercy and over 30 years covering EM credit. This portfolio management team creates a unique capability to invest across all EMD market opportunities.

Long-Only Debt Strategies:

  • USD Sovereign Debt
  • Local Markets Sovereign Debt
  • Corporate Debt
  • High Yield Corporate Debt
  • Asset Allocation
  • Total Return Allocation